Drawing Corner
Hi I’m back from Boston

Lindsay and Alex are total cuties, and their friends are total cuties! I had a good time, but now they know my secret: I’m actually super boring. OH NOOO.

But yeah, I’m back…which means back to work! Monsterkind will start updating regularly again on Tuesday. If you’re waiting on a commission, I’ve already started working on those again so you can expect to have them soon.

Also, They Might be Giants is playing a concert in Atlanta April 13th and 14th. Any Atlanta people fans of TMBG wanna go with me? :3c

  1. thatfruitymonster said: Aaaaaaah! TMBG is coming to Seattle, too! Seeing them for certain *u*
  2. drawciawitch said: I WISH I could go to that concert, but I can’t drive… :(
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  4. sil-icious said: DEFINITELY go see them live! I saw TMBG in Asheville a year ago and Jonathan Coulton opened for them. SUCH a fun show! Expect to dance your ass off!
  5. viridian-plains said: Oh my god Miss C. you can’t be more perfect c:
  6. petulantadversary said: Welcome back Enenkay!