Drawing Corner

Coroflot featured my musical comic on their front page and this is sort of a big deal.

I was completely blown away by the reception that my song comic got. I received so many beautiful and encouraging messages, and a lot of people really seemed to like the video. Just when I thought I couldn’t feel any better about myself, Coroflot goes and features my project on the FRONT PAGE of their site.

I’m all teary eyed and smiling a huge goofy smile. The Blow Me (One Last Kiss) project was one of the most selfish projects I ever did for myself, and it’s been more freeing and wonderful than I ever imagined, and I’m so happy so many people enjoyed it and even felt a connection to me from going through the same sorts of things I did. I’m blown away that this project got featured on the front page, and so very, very moved.

This has been a great experience in the middle of such a busy and terrible time in my life, and I couldn’t feel better about it all.

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